Welcome old DDR line lovers! 
We got our first DDR dog back in 1988, before the Berlin Wall came down. At that time, all you could get was a "Breeding Enrolled" certificate from the AKC. The DDR dogs had to be registered in West Germany first. Ingo was one of Don Rolandsteich's first sons to come to the States.  He was a dependable, consistent sire of temperament, super hips, pigment and good, all around working abilty, as evidenced by his police and SAR offspring. 
Ingo v Grosswechsungen SchH2
     6646/44 SG+ OFA Good
Chyann & her kitty
Nathan Blauen-Engl Grdtr
Ingo Great-Grandson Fritz, PD1
Nancy (Robby Glockeneck) son
 K-9 Dax PD1, PD2

        DDR Import 
 Flex vd Quecke SchH2
 Golf Ritterberg grandson
Ivan - son of 
DDR Nathan vom Blauen Ingl, SchH3 
Happy v Kleinen-Weir
OFA Excellent
Bundessieger/ Europameister Lord Gleisdreick dtr.

Eblis vom Dornhaus SAR K-9
Dtr. of Nathan v Blauen-Engl, SchH3
(Held Ritterberg)

Robby Glockeneck x 
Jules Eischendorfer, KNPV

K-9 Axel PD1 (Nathan Blauen-Engl grandson)
  1999 USPCA Nationals Qualifier
Grandsire of K-9 Fritz (see below)

Stormi - K-9 Axel daughter 
and dam of K-9 Fritz (below)

          SAR  K-9's Maggie (Berte) & Bear (Baerhla) 
Burga - OFA Excellent

INGO Offspring



Inga - OFA Excellent

Iko - SAR K-9

AXEL Offspring
AXEL x Stormy Offspring
Other DDR Dogs
K9-Fritz - USPCA Nationals Qualifier
2x Region 4&9 #1 Overall Team Member
#1 Agility
Nexi - CGC & Nick - CGC